Yllas in Lapland

Holidays In Yllas Lapland Activities And Fun

The whole family will have a wonderful time on their holidays in Yllas Lapland. Winter is the most active and memorable time you can visit here. With snow all around and natures great beauty what could feel more like the holidays than this?

The best way to enjoy the true nature of the season here in Yllas is by renting or leasing a cabin in the Hilankuka Region.

Music is in the air in the winter months and the biggest festival of all happens in January with the Jazz Blues moving in for a few weeks.

Yllas is well known for it’s great skiing weather too as the snow falls here six months out of every year, sometimes even more. Have a snowball fight or just play around in the powdery wonderland and enjoy time with loved ones and friends that you will remember for a lifetime.

Reindeer’s can be found everywhere in Yllas. They are in such large quantities that guides can be hired to teach you how to follow their steps in the snow and observe their habitats and lives from a distance. Nature is all around you within the Yllas Laplands. You will spot several types of birds especially during the colder months as this is their favorite time of year here. The sparrows are just so pretty and dainty looking.

The Siberian Jay is a very people friendly bird as he has accompanied many skiers on their trips down the slopes. You can also stand still or sit still and wait for some to approach as you hold out a bread crumb in your palm, they will light and take the bread crumbs from you. A truly amazing thing to witness.

Thy are so many activities centered around the children too. They can learn to walk on snow shoes and go on grand adventures through some of the forest area with guides of course. They can learn skating, skiing and tobogganing. The Village is a magical place for the little ones to visit as they will see and b accompanied by elves, sprite’s and woodland gnomes for tour around town. There are also farms for reindeer that are open every day and love to have visitors.

The delicacy in these parts may be a little it different than what you are used to, but you have to try them. The porridge, flat breads and cloud berries are the best to have for any meal. You will also get to try reindeer smoked meat. Grouse, white fish and Finnish squeaky cheese. To get the day really going grab a cup of the famous sooty coffee or to refresh yourself after a long day skiing a glass of Garden Angelica juice.

Find a dog sled team and receive lessons that will have you yelling “mush” in no time. You can then venture into the forests for a great ride and get in tune with nature around you.

You will see ice all over the Yllas Laplands and it is ready to be skated upon. According to what time in December you arrive the sun may not rise at all while you are there it is gone for many days during this winter time every year. No matter what you do here your holidays in Yllas Laplands will be merry and bright.

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