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The interviewer asks many questions at the time of the interview. If you change a job, then the most important question asked by the interviewer is what are the reasons for your job change and one of the common reasons for a job change is career enhancement and higher pay. You may also fill out reasons in the resignation form for changing the job in your current job. Preparing a concise and clear answer will help the employer to know about your future goals. This article on “reason for job change” can help you in giving the answers for changing the job. You can also learn more about How to Crack a Job Interview with the help of these Free Online Courses. So, let’s get started with learning about the best answer for the reason for a job change in an interview.

Top Reasons for Job Change

  • When you don’t like your company
  • When you want to move for higher pay
  • When you don’t like the work in the company
  • When you are looking for more opportunities
  • When you have personal reasons
  • When you want to pursue other goals
  • When you want flexibility in the job
  • When you get some other better job
  • When you have to travel too much for your current job location
  • When you get fired
  • When company culture/ethics is not proper
  • When you have disputes with teammates
  • When you have to relocate to another city/state/country
  • When there’s a change in the job description
  • When you don’t get timely training and development
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When you don’t like your company

There may be many reasons for leaving the company. Every company has some good aspects and some bad aspects so if you want to leave the company, you should frame your answer in such a way that it could reflect the good and bad things of the company instead of only showing the bad aspects. Your balanced response will help you to get a job in a new company.

For example:

In my current company, I am getting the opportunity for interpersonal and professional growth. Still, now I think my proficiency is in a different field, and I can do better in that field. I am quite interested in the position of digital marketer in your company. I have done various courses in digital marketing. I want to give my digital marketing skill a professional look and take experience from a growing organization.

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When you want to move for higher pay

Most people change their companies for higher pay. Nothing is wrong with this to get money according to your skills. But when applying for a new company, you should keep in mind that your answer should not show only your financial desire to change the job. You can quote this desire in such a way that it could present as your reward and motivation for work, not as a primary goal.

For example:

I am passionate about taking on challenges. Taking challenges and getting awards motivates me to work each day with new energy. For me, financial support works as a reward for my hard work. In your organization, I can achieve my financial goal while working in my skilled field.

When you don’t like the work in the company

In the company, you may not like the position of the domain. It is important to have an interest in the domain so that you can work happily. An employer can understand that an employee should be happy and interested in working for the growth of the company. It can be a reason for the job change. Explain the situation and tell them the skills in which you are comfortable.

For example:

I worked in a software testing group in my current company, but I realized that my immense skills are in software development. In your company, I have seen the job for the position of a software developer with great work culture and work-life balance which attract me to work according to my skills.

When you are looking for more opportunities

If you are not getting enough opportunities in your current job and want to cherish yourself with new opportunities, it can be a reason for a job change. Getting new opportunities gives the chance to learn something new. Employers will like your active attitude toward new opportunities. You have to mention your long-term goals and show them that you are a very motivated person who cherishes every new opportunity.

For example:

Although my current job is giving me the opportunity, I want to challenge myself with new harder opportunities. I love to take on challenges and learn from them to see myself as a responsible person in a reputed organization. In your organization, by getting more opportunities, I want to develop myself professionally and see my new limits.

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When you have personal reasons

Many times, we change jobs due to family and personal reasons. In such situations, you can tell the employer the exact reason for changing your career. You do not have to explain too many things.

For example:

I was required to come closer to my family due to some family issues. So, I am looking for a reputed organization at my current location to fulfil both my requirements.

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When you want to pursue other goals

Pursuing alternative goals can be your dream. These goals could be pursuing your hobbies or gaining further studies. You can leave your job to pursue other goals. These reasons are acceptable, but you should focus that your reason should show your professional growth, not a temporary need. Before you pursue an alternate career, you must also update your resume to match your new career goals.

For example:

I have a passion for traveling. Now I want to see the world and learn from the different cultures. It will enhance my knowledge and give me a new way to live life, which will help me start NGO and social work where my passion lies.

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When you want flexibility in the job

You have some family responsibilities, or you are bored with traditional nine-to-five job timing, so now you want a flexible work hour. For applying for a new job, you should present yourself as a responsible person who wants flexible work hours. You want flexible work hours because you need them, not for enjoying daily life. You have to present yourself in such a way that you need flexible work hours because you are a responsible person.

For example:

I want flexible work hours to take care of my family. My previous company didn’t allow flexible work hours. I need flexibility in timing because work-life balance is very important in my life to take care of my family. 

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When you get some other better job

When you get better job opportunities, leaving one job and getting another is good. Every person wants to take a better job, and this can be a valid reason, but if your next job is dependent on higher pay, then your answer should not show only the financial factor for changing the job.

For example:

A good opportunity came that I want to accept for my professional growth. It will help me in fulfilling my long-term goals and give me more opportunities and experiences.

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When you have to travel too much for your current job location

When your location of work is far from your home, it can be a reason for the job change. An employer can understand the importance of time and work-life balance. You have to show that you want to save your time for more growth.

For example:

My current company is very far from my living destination. I want a good work-life balance, and I can’t change my home because my family wants to live there. So, I want a good organization in my current location so that I could make a better work-life balance.

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When you get fired

When you get fired, then the reasons would have been related to something you did. At the time of applying for the new job, you will have to give the reason to get fired to your employer. At this time, you should accept your mistakes instead of criticizing your employer or anyone else. You should tell them about your mistakes and what you have learned from them. Showing your learning attitude from your mistakes will give a positive response to the employer.

For example:

My position at my previous job was more than my skills. I gave my best to learn the skills, but that position needed a more skilled person. I have learned from my mistakes. I appreciate my employer required someone with more expertise. I am therefore looking for a job in which I could give my best according to my skills.

When company culture/ethics is not proper

Strong and friendly work culture is important for an employee to strive and be productive. A company with a toxic work culture is one where there are no core values, employees compete with each other in a non-friendly manner, there is no work-life balance, and there is no appreciation and reward policy, instead, the employees are criticized publically. If you can relate to all of these, you may be surrounded by toxic work culture and it may be time to get out of it.

For example:

I am someone who appreciates working in a well-organized manner that offers friendly work culture. I have heard so much about your organization and thus, wish to work around professionals who would value my skills and effort.

When you have disputes with teammates

Sometimes, it so happens that you and your teammate won’t agree on a particular task. Although it may be something that you can rectify, sometimes things do go out of your control. When that happens and you feel that you don’t have much say in your role, then it may be time to leave and look for other opportunities where your opinion would be valued. Here, you should let your prospective employer know that you will come with your own set of opinions and suggestions.

For example:

I am a great team player who appreciates others’ opinions and thus wish to join a company where my opinions are heard as well. 

When you have to relocate to another city/state/country

Due to unforeseen circumstances, you may have to go back to your hometown or away from your hometown. Either the case may be, if you are switching your job role due to this reason, it is quite straightforward to explain this to your new employer.

For example:

I want to move to ABC City since I need to be close to my family. Hence, I am looking for a job opportunity in your company.

When there’s a change in the job description

If the tasks you are currently getting assigned are different than what was specified in your job description, then it may be time to make a switch. Unless it is something you enjoy and would love to learn, you can start looking for options in the field you are interested in.

For example:

I am interested in this job because it correctly aligns with my skills and interests. I hope to upskill myself as and when required if the role expects me to.

When you don’t get timely training and development

While a lot of organizations these days have started focusing on the upskilling and reskilling of their employees, some still haven’t incorporated that into their system. If you feel that your organization is not providing you with enough learning resources, then it may be time to switch jobs.

For example:

I believe in continuous learning and development and since I have heard so much about your company’s policy to keep upskilling, I am very much interested in this role.

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How to answer the reason for a job change?

Answering The Reason For The Job Change

Highlight the positive reasons why you want to work for their company. Mention specific aspects of the job, company culture, and employer that match your interests and skills.

Putting the emphasis on your potential employer shifts the conversation away from your previous work experience and toward your strong potential as their next employee. It’s also a great way to demonstrate that you did your research on their company before your interview.

Check out some of the good and bad reasons for a job change

Some of the good reasons to give:

  • Looking for better career prospects, professional growth
  • Looking for new challenges at work
  • The company’s growth prospects are poor
  • Current job duties have been reduced
  • Have to travel on business too often

Some of the bad reasons to give:

  • Bad-mouth about your boss, company
  • Boring Job
  • Work overtime
  • Office politics
  • You were fired
  • The only reason to change is money

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Decided to leave your job? What’s Next?

So, you’ve decided that you have professional or personal reasons to leave your current job. Now, start upskilling yourself with some of the free online courses, Networking, Using social media like LinkedIn and applying for a better job or a position.


At the time of applying for a new job, it is important that you should be clear about changing the job. Employers will ask about the reason for the job change because they want to see whether you are a responsible person or not. They want to know that you think first before doing anything or not. Explaining a positive response to a job change can show the interviewer that you are a good candidate.

At the time of the interview, every question, including reasons, is an excellent opportunity to highlight your strengths and skills. At the time of explaining the reason, you should focus that your answer should show your positive attitude. Understanding the job description will help you determine the keywords and skills required to perform the job successfully. Research about the company will help you to explain your reason and know more about the company.

For the interview, you should frame each answer so that you should show your honesty and willingness to work in the organization. Your positive attitude and learning attitude help you a lot in creating the interviews. Always focus on the present and give your best.

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