Cyprus-The New Generation Retiring Abroad

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Cyprus the 2nd largest Mediterranean island is fast becoming home to Britain’s retiring silver haired generation as well as the UK´s Yuppies looking to spend their new internet wealth!!

Cyprus a Greek speaking Republic joined the EU in 2004 and thus enabled working people to base themselves there as the EU allows free movement of trade and people.

The advantage of Cyprus for working people is 3 fold. The Island is predominantly English speaking, the flights to Lanarka Airport are economic, direct and numerous and best of all tax rates are currently at 5%!

Add to this driving on the left and having restaurants we like and understand and you have a recipe for a superb retirement or working environment.

In these days of working on the Internet and with excellent communications, does it really matter where you live?

Obviously many are now saying NO to this question. They are prepared to go where there is better weather and all round easier and cheaper living conditions. They take the hassle out of life, and live and work in a healthier environment, hence potentially extending life span well into their eighties and nineties!

Paphos is the southwestern most point of Cyprus and home to Aphrodite’s steps. Here many of the silver haired generation love to live in the tranquility of Greek Heritage and historic sites. Whereas the younger generation base themselves closer to the Airport, at Limasol. Here, Life is much more lively. The village atmosphere of pubs restaurants and street cafes creates a unique and thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere

My Tip:

Investment opportunities abound on this Island for retiring abroad or investing overseas, before the Cypriots join the Euro in 2008

New Airports and Marinas are planned for the next 5 years which all in all makes Cyprus a very “Desirable Location” as well as a superb place to retire or work.

. Hugo

Digital Editor

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