An Introduction to Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey

Holyhead and its surrounding area have a population of about 26,000 people. It is located on the isle of Anglesey, in the extreme northwest of Wales. It is the largest settlement in the county of Anglesey. The town proper has a population of about twelve thousand.

In spite of its size, Holyhead is not actually the capital of the county and it is not technically located on the island of Anglesey itself. In fact, it is located on Holy Island which is connected by Four Mile Bridge to Anglesey. Note that the bridge is not actually four miles long. This is the name of the bridge and the village which surrounds it.

One of the things the Holyhead is most famous for these days is its very busy ferry port which handles as many as two million passengers every year. The biggest ferry company in Europe, Stena Line operates a number of connections as does Irish Ferries which also offer connections to Ireland.

Settlements have been located in the area since prehistoric times, but the current location of Holyhead is particularly significant in its Roman history. The centre of the town is actually built around St. Cybi’s church which was originally constructed in one of the very few three-walled Roman forts in Europe. The site is now one of the most visited place is amongst visitors to the town. A prehistoric hill fort was also built nearby which was taken over by the Romans later on are constructed the watchtower there.

As with much of Anglesey, Holyhead is a popular place for tourism. Due to its connections with Ireland, it is also a popular stop gap on the way to that country. However, Holyhead and the surrounding area offer quite a few attractions of their own. Including picturesque coastline and great walking opportunities.

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