Discover The Secret Mediterranean Paradise Of Northern Cyprus

You may already have heard of the island of Cyprus that lies in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Turkey; it’s known as Aphrodite’s island because this is where legend has it that the goddess of love was born. But the northern third of the island is lesser known, lesser explored and as a result, untouched and pristine in its beauty.

The climate on the entire island is typically Mediterranean – i.e., it is blissfully hot during the long hot summer months, it is temporarily wet during two short winter months and then lush during the brief springtime when Northern Cyprus comes alive with wild and rare orchids for which the island has long been known. If you come and stay in a rental property in North Cyprus in the springtime you can explore the mountainsides on foot and delight in seeing rare and indigenous flora growing all around you, untouched and protected.

If you prefer to visit in the summertime when the weather is gloriously hot from the middle of March until the end of October you can make the most of the sunshine and sunbathe on pristine beaches, you can snorkel and swim in pretty coves, take a boat out from Kyrenia harbour and explore the coastline or just laze the days away in a villa in North Cyprus with a pool.

Northern Cyprus is a haven for sun seekers, but it is also a history buffs perfect home or holiday destination too. The island is covered in castles and ancient ruins that tell of Cyprus’s dramatic history when it was fought over so often because of its strategic geographic importance. To this day the remains of the likes of Kyrenia, St. Hilarion, Buffavento and Kantara castles are must see days out on a holiday maker’s itinerary.

If you prefer more peaceful settings for your sightseeing exploits than dramatic castles with breathtaking views which were once vantage points for their inhabitants many years ago, you might like to take in Bellapais Abbey or Vouni Palace for example. The former is a favourite setting for weddings and it is also used as a concert venue regularly throughout the long summer months because it is set high in the mountains and offers stunning views of the coastline beneath it. It is also in the village of Buffavento where Lawrence Durrell lived in a house in North Cyprus when he penned his novel ‘Bitter Lemons.’

Vouni Palace is lesser known among visitors to Northern Cyprus because it is tucked far away along the coast road to the west – you have to travel well past Guzelyurt and Lefke to find it…but once you do wind your way up to the ruins of the magnificent ancient palace, the 360 degree views will not disappoint you – in fact, you may well find that you have discovered the most beautiful view in the world! Of course, opinion on this subject is subjective! But one thing that is not in dispute is that the stunning island of Cyprus and in particular the northern third of the island makes for a fantastic holiday destination and even a perfect place to live or own a holiday or investment property.

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