Top 6 Career Options after MBA in Business Analytics in 2024

An MBA in Business Analytics allows you to explore several career options. Business analytics has become a significant part of an organization’s daily functions, and thus, job opportunities in this domain are on the rise. There is an increase in demand for MBA graduates with analytical skills, and therefore, analytics has become a relatively new and popular specialization in the management domain.

  1. Career Options After MBA in Business Analytics
  2. Scope of MBA in Business Analytics
  3. Leading Recruiters
  4. Job Opportunities after MBA in Business Analytics

Career Options After MBA in Business Analytics

The amount of data available to us is increasing rapidly, and making sense of this data to draw meaningful insights and interpretation has become increasingly important. This is where Business Analytics comes into the picture. The study of big data by leveraging analytics, statistics, predictive analytics, and other optimization tools and techniques to communicate insights to the relevant stakeholders is known as business analytics.

Business analysts can help a company make important decisions such as cost optimization, customer satisfaction, and increasing profits. Let us understand the various career options after taking up an MBA in Business Analytics Course.

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Scope of MBA in Business Analytics

The scope of analytics is rising, and thus taking up a management course along with learning analytical skills can help you advance in your career. Through an MBA in Business Analytics, you will gain the following skills:

  • SQL databases
  • Python and R
  • Survey/query software
  • Business intelligence and reporting software
  • Data visualisation
  • Database design
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Creative Thinking
  • Industry Knowledge

To be eligible for this course, you must have a graduate degree in any field and also pass the national eligibility examination for an MBA course. There are three main domains that you can get into after completing your course. They are descriptive analysis, prescriptive analysis, and predictive analysis. Companies offer you a role based on your skillset, domain knowledge, and work experience. From MNCs to E-commerce companies, every industry is looking to hire an MBA with analytical skills as this is the future.

Leading Recruiters

Professionals who have studied an MBA in Business Analytics are in high demand. Be it large organisations or startups, everyone is looking to hire professionals with Analytical skills. A few of the leading recruiters in the consulting and multinational domain are KPMG, Accenture, Deloitte, McKinsey and Company, and BCG or Boston Consulting Group.

There are financial groups or corporations such as American Express and Morgan Stanley who are also looking to hire MBA in Business Analytics Professionals. And of course, tech giants and conglomerates such as Wipro, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, HCL, Infosys, Larsen & Toubro, Reliance, Tata Group, and many more.

MBA in business analyticsMBA in business analytics

Job Opportunities after MBA in Business Analytics

There is a wide range of business analytics career opportunities available that you can choose from depending on which role may interest you the most after an MBA in Business Analytics. Some of the business analytics career opportunities are listed below:

1. Data Analyst

A data analyst is someone who works on collecting and evaluating data based on sales numbers, market research, logistics, and other such details. They bring in their technical expertise to ensure the accuracy of data and work towards processing it and presenting it accurately. Doing so allows the organization to make intelligent business decisions.

The day-to-day job of a data analyst varies across organisations depending on the industry, or the specialty considered. Data analysts are often required to communicate with data scientists, IT teams, and the management to determine organizational goals. Some of the common skills required to become a data analyst are:

  • Programming Languages (R/SAS)
  • Creative and Analytical Thinking
  • Data Visualization
  • Effective Communication
  • Database Querying Languages
  • SQL Databases
  • Data Mining, Cleaning and Munging
  • Machine Learning
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel

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2. Supply Chain Analyst

One of the key responsibilities of a supply chain analyst is to improve the performance of an operation. They do this by figuring out the requirements for a certain project and coordinating it with the other employees. A supply chain analyst communicates the details to engineers and quality assurance professionals because they are required to test their new supply chain methods. He/She also recommends methods that will help in improving the performance and reduce costs and oversee inventory.

The average salary for a Supply Chain Analyst in India is ₹469,747.

Years of Experience Average Salary
Less than 1 year₹350,000
1-4 years of experience₹439,198
5-9 years of experience₹702,049
10-19 years of experience₹982,635
Source: Payscale

3. Big Data Analyst

The role of a Big Data Analyst is to study the market through identification, collection, analysis, and communication of data that helps in guiding future business decisions. A Big Data Analyst works with unknown data, patterns, hidden trends, and more.

Problem-solving skills, the ability to think critically in tough situations, and creative reasoning are some of the essential skills required to become a successful Big Data Analyst. While speaking of technical skills, they must have programming skills, quantitative and data interpretation skills, and data mining and auditing skills. Some of the commonly used tools by Big Data Analysts are:

  • MapReduce
  • Hadoop
  • Hive
  • Apache Spark

4 Business Analyst

Business analysts work towards understanding the changing business needs, evaluating the impact of these changes, identifying and analyzing requirements, and documenting and facilitating communication among all the stakeholders involved. The national average salary for a Business Analyst in India is ₹6,66,084. Nearly 90% of all organisations are estimated to have set up Analytics in their functioning over the past five years. And that almost every domain has seen a rise of opportunities in this sector. In the IT and enterprises sector, Analytics in insurance, Business Analytics has grown to be a core practice.

Some of the skills required to become a Business Analyst are:

  1. Statistical analysis software (e.g. R, SAS, SPSS, or STATA)
  2. Business intelligence
  3. Python and R
  4. Survey/query software
  5. Database design
  6. Data mining
  7. SQL databases and database querying languages
  8. Data visualisation

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5. Predictive Modeller

You may not have heard of the predictive modeler, but it is a job role that comes under predictive analytics. Predictive models are programs that make a prediction based on the data that is fed to them. A predictive modeler works on creating these models. They must have adequate knowledge about statistics, analysis, and technology too. Since it is a slightly newer and upcoming profession, the average salary for this role is not available yet.

6. Technical Team Lead

A professional who is in charge of leading a technical team in any organization is known as a technical team lead. Their main job is to ensure that the technical development is being addressed properly, the products are of high quality, and that they are delivered at the right time. They would require technical skills, but also high leadership qualities and managerial skills too.

The average salary ranges between ₹4-8 lakhs per annum.

Closing Thoughts

This brings us to the end of the blog about career options after an MBA in Business Analytics. The field is gaining traction, and more companies are looking to hire MBA graduates who have analytical skills as well. The specialization shows a promising outlook. The demand for professionals with an MBA in Business Analytics has increased with time. Upskill with Great Learning’s Executive Management course today and unlock your dream career. You can choose from various specializations and learn from the best with the help of dedicated mentor support and career assistance.

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