Cricketers Infidelity and Betrayal – Is it True Part 1

Indian cricketers would continue to let down the Nation’s fans as ever

Before; because they are part of a “Secular Team and not a National Team”

I have been closely monitoring Indian cricket from quite sometimes now; but how deeply I was hurt when our team failed to qualify for World Cup and has forced me to carry out an insight analysis of the debacle. The team has not only played with the sentiments of over a billion people but also let down the National esteem as well. Some of my friends have even gone to extent of saying entire team as traitors. Are they?

I would try to take back my readers to money minting Shaarja one day cricket series of yesteryears where India had lost most of the finals either by hook or crook. Any common Indian could have analyzed the cause of such loss of esteem; but neither our cricketers nor Cricket Control of India (BCCI) had ever felt the humiliation of losing National prestige. Every defeat was considered mere game.

Though, some of the readers would debate the issue of linking politics with the game; but I would say that the games are the image of a Nation. We Indians have to understand and accept that so far none of the Indian cricketer, barring Kapil and few others, had thought for the Nation; but they have always played for individual records and status. Most of the times, our team had disappointed Indian fans repeatedly.

After over three decades of my study, I feel that the Indian cricketers would continue to let down the Nation as ever before because we are a “Secular Team and not a National Team“. Indian fans would continued to be deceived by not Sachin and Ganguly only but all those money minded cricketers; whenever Indian fans would like?. They would never perform when Nation wants; but would only perform to make individual records and mint money. The cricketer’s identity is with that of a Nation and not as individual entity. Once, Steve Waugh, Australian captain has made very important observation while replying to so-called Indian legendry Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar that Indian cricketers play for individual achievements. He was right and is even right toady. The Indian legendry cricketers; who had only played for themselves and not for the nation, have all the World Records of batting in their names but never had they played for the Nation. I am sure that 99% Indian cricket lover and fans would support my views.

Infact, Kapil Daa is also pursuing similar goals; and shares my views of awakening Indian Cricketers consciousness, but the barefaced Indian media has made these Self Centered Players (SCP) National heroes, despite knowing well that most of the world records holding Indian cricketers have always ditched the nation when Indian fans needed most.

Infact, these players have betrayed the faith of over a billion Indian in the recent world cup debacle. I still do not believe that our team was incompetent; but the Bengali entry and internal rift had ensured that Dravid does not get the credit to carry world cup home, thus, making a history. The similar story of internal rift amongst the players was aired by most of the channels, a few months later, as to why Indian team faired so bad? Truly speaking, the traitors are within us. A few selected traitors in the past like King Ambhi, Jaychand and many more; have made Mother India (MI) slave for over 1100 years; but the present teams betrayal had buried hopes of over a billion Indian.

I would like to comment on the style of getting out. How can you expect a player; after playing over hundred matches getting out with inner edge bold out? My repeated match video visuals analysis of Sachin, Ganguly and other player’s style of getting out, has indicated a set pattern. I still feel strongly that these players were unwilling horses who are forced to drink water because they are senior players. Simply these players applied inner edge to a inner swing rising ball to upstick the bails. Has, once; the team’s failure proved that billion Indians are being betrayed?

A very tricky question; indeed, needs to be read well and replied by our record holders. Readers should not be surprised as most of the players knew well as to how to get out without getting blamed?

Anyhow, with the time, our team perceives that it has become professional but infact the team actually began to drift towards glittering life styles of wealth. While witnessing matches, if every a common man can analyze as to how a player is performing so poorly or getting out why cannot BCCI? Though, our irresponsible media has been blaming Sehwag for his failures; but I would say that he always lost his wicket while playing a shot and not advertently delaying runs or trying to create a record at the altar of National esteem. So far various Indian veteran cricketers have almost all the records to their credit, but they had rarely performed when country’s billion fans wanted. Is it a matter of shame or pride?

How can country admire such cricketers who had betrayed and deceived the nation in world cup?

How can Indian fans pardon these cricketers who deceived over a billion fans?

How can these players still play in the National teams?

How are we not realizing the entry of old players that it has widen the team rift; and their re-selection has paved the way for, what I called the Silent Attitude of Hatred in Cricket (SAHIC).

These SAHIC traits are not only being played on field but also with the sentiments of Indian fans. Nevertheless, Sri Jagan Nath BA had said that we Indians have history of short lived memories; and we forget our tormentors soon. I hope such people would continue to prosper in India.

As to how meticulously present team’s internal difference and SAHIC has ditched the Nation and over billion Indian fans, is not to be forgotten or pardoned? I would record my husband’s a very correct prediction, the day some of the senior players were reselected to be the part of the Indian World cup team, he said quote “India will not win World Cup, because the failed senior players would not like Dravid to make a history. The internal rifts had made India physical slave for over 1100 years; but now the internal simmering discontent in the team would throw out Indian team out of the World cup” unquote. His statement had proved true next day when India lost to Bangladesh.

While trying to find out as to how could correctly he predicted such an outcome, I debated a few issues to bring out his perception. He said that none of the senior player would like India to win world cup under Dravid; and to achieve this, these cricketers would ditch the Nation. I will request readers to analyze our team’s individual player’s contribution in each match and the style of getting out. The disgraceful exit from world cup has not deterred money minded players. The BCCI has further complicated the issue with their immature actions while selecting a team. I recall old headlines about a few cricketers of making money through proxy. The allegations of betting on cricketers like Jadeja, Aziurddin and others; who were part of Match Fixing Scandal (MFS), have been betraying Indian fans through proxy. Though electronic and print media have been reporting about MFS, but not only BCCI, the ICC also has remained deaf and dumb for want of proof. I still believe that Manoj Prabhakar was victimized for making role of hidden money public.

As Indians, by nature, have very short memories, they will forget betrayal of cricketers in near future. I am sure that next victory would make them heroes without any credit due to pro-media sympathy towards selected cricketers. Though, we must give credit to some of the senior players for giving their best to the game, but they had done nothing free, they have been paid far well than what they have deserved. In addition, to fixed perks, these players earned Crores through advertisements as well.

What credit Indian Cricketers have now deserved from Nation, who’s every citizen, they have been regularly betraying due to the internal rift, I ask the Indian.

The Aaj Tak report, on as to why India lost world cup, was an eye opener. The, ifs and buts of entire gamut, between the team captain and other senior players, have been deliberated in detail through telecast. It was shocking to learn that these players; who are still part of our team; had how meticulously got out without getting blamed. The Indian are, by and large, still showing and imposing faith; but the team time and again is proving unworthy of such trust.

I would request that:-

· One; an independent agency be hired to investigate all cricketers role in betraying the Nation;

· Two; not to allow any player till their role is clearly investigated after viewing all the shots as to how they got out?

· Three; debar the entire team which was part of World Cup humiliation;

· Four; do not pardon any of them until unless, they tender a general apology for deceiving the Indians fans world over:

· Five; third angle of money muscles should be investigated as well. Who knows; as it was over 1500 Crores of betting, the Indian and Pakistani both teams not qualifying, were not part of the large money laundering networked.

· Six; change rule of selection committee to select Nationalist and Patriotic (NAP) players rather money hungry, opportunist and cheat secular.

At last, I would highlight that there is a need for Indian fans to review their

expectations. My readers, would agree with me that so far when ever Indian fans wanted Indian Cricket team to win, they always lost. What to talk of team even, Indian star cricket players have never lived up to the Indian fans expectations.

What I have observed that:

· A); the Indian cricketers play for self and not for the country, how can India win a match when Indian fans wanted? All readers would agree with me that Indian Cricket team has most of the times deceived Indian fans whether it was world cup or a prestigious match of do or die against traditional opponent Pakistan. Had they been playing for the country, India would have won every match our team played;

· B); as most of the Individual cricketer’s world records, barring spin bowling of Shane, are held by Indian cricketers such as Sachin, Sunil, Dravid and so on; but none of the record have been achieved while playing for the country to win. Infact Sachin is one player who is holding most of the records, but he always ditched the Nation when needed. I am sure, barring a few matches, rarely India won a match where Sachin had performed well. This amply prove that Indian cricketers are still individual players who are put together to make Individual records at the cost of National Exchequer.

· C); Even today, 12 August 2007, Indian cricketers lack killing instinct. They are sloth and behave as such. They know that there is no penalty on them, they play as they wish. Our players have become so insensitive to Indian fans appeal, they do not bother.

· D); I believe that till the time Indian cricketers feel that they are Indian first and player later, till then Indian cricketer fans would continued to be betrayed as world cup 2007.

I would like my august readers to share their views and solicit their frank opinion at

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