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International students have access to a diverse range of scholarships offered by Australian universities and colleges, as well as by the government, and public and private organizations. It’s important to review the eligibility requirements and application deadline prior to applying for any scholarships, grants or bursaries.

More than 1000 Australian scholarships for international students are available at top Australian universities for the academic year 2023-2024. These scholarships provide an average monthly stipend of AUD $20,000 along with tuition fees, accommodation charges, health insurance, and travel allowance.

Requirements to be eligible for scholarships in Australia

The main requirement for scholarships is typically a strong academic record, but this can also depend on factors such as your destination, field of study, and level of education. Some scholarships may also consider extracurricular activities and volunteer experience as factors in the application process.

You may need to submit proof of English proficiency, such as an IELTS score, which is widely accepted by all educational institutions in Australia.

What scholarships typically cover

Most scholarships for studying in Australia cover tuition fees, but some may also cover living or travel expenses. Research-based programs may offer scholarships up to 100% coverage, including tuition and living expenses. The amount of funding and type of award offered can vary based on the institution. Getting a scholarship is competitive, so it’s important to apply well in advance, around 8-12 months before your desired enrollment date.

Carnegie Mellon University Scholarships

Carnegie Mellon University Scholarships are fully funded scholarships designed specifically for international students. These scholarships are available for master’s degree programs and provide a substantial monetary award to cover the cost of tuition and other expenses. The exact value of the scholarship varies depending on the duration of the master’s program, with 21-month master’s degrees receiving an average stipend of AUD $30,000 and 12-month master’s degrees receiving an average stipend of AUD $20,000. This scholarship is a great opportunity for international students to further their education and gain valuable experience while studying at one of the top universities in Australia.

Deakin University Scholarships

Deakin University offers fully funded scholarships for international students pursuing postgraduate studies. The scholarships offer a yearly stipend of AUD $28,600 along with a relocation allowance ranging from AUD $500 to $1,500 and include coverage for health insurance.

Deakin University offers several scholarships for international students. These scholarships can help students cover their tuition fees, living expenses, and other study-related costs. Some of the popular scholarships available for international students at Deakin University include:

  • Deakin International Excellence Scholarships: This scholarship is designed to reward outstanding international students with a 50% tuition fee reduction for the duration of their course.
  • Deakin University Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship: This scholarship offers a 50% tuition fee reduction for international students enrolling in undergraduate or postgraduate courses.
  • Deakin University Regional Scholarship: This scholarship is designed to help international students from regional areas cover their study costs with a 25% tuition fee reduction.
  • Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship: This scholarship is designed for international students who are enrolling in a research-based masters or Ph.D. program at Deakin University. The scholarship provides full tuition fee coverage, health insurance, and a living allowance.

Melbourne Research Scholarships

The Melbourne Research Scholarships (MRS) are a prestigious and highly competitive scholarship program offered by the University of Melbourne, Australia. These scholarships are designed to support outstanding domestic and international students pursuing research-based postgraduate studies at the University of Melbourne. The scholarships cover tuition fees and provide a generous living allowance to support students while they undertake their research. To be eligible for an MRS, candidates must have a strong academic record and demonstrate exceptional research potential. The scholarship is highly competitive and only a limited number of scholarships are awarded each year.

It provides full financial support with an annual living allowance of $31,200, full fee offset, single membership for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), a relocation grant, and various other benefits. About 600 scholarships are available under the MRS program.

Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship

The Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship offered by Deakin University to international students who are seeking to study in Australia. This scholarship is available for students who are enrolling in undergraduate or postgraduate coursework programs at Deakin University.

The scholarship covers tuition fees for the duration of the course, as well as a stipend for living expenses. The amount of the stipend can vary, but it is typically between AUD $15,000 and AUD $20,000 per annum. In addition to the financial benefits, recipients of the scholarship also receive additional support and benefits, including access to Deakin’s network of alumni and mentoring programs, opportunities for international experiences, and the opportunity to participate in leadership development programs.

Charles Darwin University Scholarships

Charles Darwin University in Australia offers scholarships to international students who are interested in pursuing undergraduate, master’s, PhD, and training programs. There are two types of fully funded scholarships available, while four other types of scholarships are partially funded and cover up to 50% of the tuition fee. The specifics of each scholarship, including eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and application processes, may vary. Potential scholarship recipients are encouraged to research the different options and apply early to maximize their chances of receiving funding.

Griffith University Scholarships

Griffith University Scholarships are available to international students to support their higher education in Australia. These scholarships are offered for undergraduate and postgraduate studies and provide financial assistance to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other study-related costs. The scholarships vary in terms of amount and type of funding, with some scholarships covering full tuition fees and others covering only a portion of the fees. To be eligible for a Griffith University Scholarship, students must meet the academic requirements and other criteria set by the university. Some scholarships may also require students to demonstrate financial need, leadership qualities, or involvement in community service. The application process and deadline for Griffith University Scholarships vary, so it’s important to check with the university for more information.

Queensland University Law Scholarships

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) offers a range of scholarships for international students pursuing law studies. It is possible that you may be referring to scholarships offered by QUT. To get more information on these scholarships, I suggest you visit the QUT scholarship website and look for law scholarships. The eligibility criteria, benefits, and application process may vary for each scholarship, so make sure to read the information carefully before applying.

The Queensland University Law Scholarship is a partially funded opportunity for international students who are pursuing a master’s degree. The scholarship covers 25% or 50% of tuition fees, as determined by the recommendation of the Head.

Rotary Peace Fellowship Program

The Rotary Peace Fellowship Program is a fully funded scholarship program for individuals who are interested in pursuing a professional development certificate or master’s degree in peace and conflict resolution or related fields. The program is designed to provide a unique opportunity for individuals to develop the skills and knowledge needed to become leaders in the field of peace and conflict resolution. The scholarship covers tuition and fees, room and board, travel, and other expenses related to the program. To be eligible for the scholarship, individuals must be sponsored by a Rotary club, have a bachelor’s degree, and demonstrate a commitment to peace and conflict resolution.

The University of Sydney International Scholarships

The University of Sydney International Scholarships is a scholarship program for international students to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate coursework, and research degrees at the University of Sydney. This scholarship provides financial assistance, including tuition fee offsets, living expenses, and other benefits, to eligible students. The scholarship is awarded based on academic merit, leadership potential, and contribution to the wider community. The exact amount of the scholarship and the number of scholarships offered varies each year, and the eligibility criteria and application process can be found on the University of Sydney’s website.

Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship

The Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship is a scholarship opportunity provided by Swinburne University of Technology in Australia for international students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance. The scholarship is awarded to selected students who are enrolling in an undergraduate or postgraduate course at the university. The scholarship amount may vary and may cover tuition fees, accommodation expenses, and other related costs. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must meet the academic requirements and English language proficiency standards set by the university.

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