North Cyprus Property Villages

North Cyprus property villages offer a taste of old-fashioned living. These quaint little villages take you back to a time when neighbors were family and the village raised the kids, a time when kids could roam the streets in safety and parents knew that rather than being a threat to their child, grownups in the community looked out for the well being of each and every child. North Cyprus property villages are located all around the island, from the coastline to the sides of the olive tree covered mountains, offering stunning views and picturesque backdrops. Located 6 miles from the town center of Kyrenia, the village of Alsancak offers easy access to the beach and boasts a leaning monument to the Turkish troops who landed on the beach to free the Turkish Cypriots. From the village of Baspinar, located high above Kyrenia, hikes in the Besparmak mountains are close at hand as well as a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean in all it’s glory.

Standing sentinel over the northern coastline of Cyprus is The Abbey, located on a natural terrace just below village of Bellapais. Bellapais is also the home of an ancient mulberry tree called the “Tree of Idleness”. The name stemmed from ancient folklore suggesting that anyone sitting beneath the tree becomes lazy and will not work. There are many other North Cyprus property villages scattered throughout the island, many offering a superb combination of ancient churches, buildings, and ruins commingling peacefully with modern facilities providing the comforts of this day and time. Seldom is it possible for a person to leave a modern restaurant and walk off a meal by exploring ancient ruins that take you back to a time when gods and goddesses roamed the earth, skies, and seas.

Are you ready to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the modern world and experience a time that is almost forgotten? Are you ready to return to a time of peace and serenity, love and friendship, a place where crime is unheard of rather than the topic of each newscast?

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Thu Dec 28 , 2023
Pissouri in Cyprus is a traditional Cypriot village about half way between Limassol and Paphos. Positioned on a hill the village overlooks vineyards and is set against the back drop of the Troodas mountains. There are panoramic sea views over the clear blue Mediterranean Ocean that is only a short walk away at the foot of the hill. The village square has a couple of banks and several mini markets along with the usual car hire agency offices etc. Most of what you need for day to day living is available including a pharmacy and a petrol station. There is […]

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