Nepal a Naturally Blessed Country to Enjoy Your Holidays

Nepal, a small landlocked country situated between India and China, is renowned for world’s highest peak Mount Everest and is the birth place of Lord Buddha. The serenity and grandeur are the major attractions of this country that attracts nearly one-half million visitors each year. With inhabitants of more than 35 million along with 40 ethnic groups and 70 spoken languages make this country a multi-cultural land of great diversity. The country offers an amazing and diverse holiday opportunities to its visitors. With ancient culture and mighty Himalayas in backdrop, Nepal is also known as roof of the world. From North, Nepal shares its sky-high borders with Tibet and to the south its Tarai jungles buzz just above the sea level, the country offers a multitude of environment to explore even in a short duration of time. For all this diversity, book low fare flights to Nepal and feel just top of the world.

Nepal is blessed with abundance of natural beauty and has 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites. You can explore Kathmandu Valley or spend a weekend in the jungle of Chitwan National Park, trek deep into the Himalayas or visit magnificent temples of Pashupatinath, Nepal has everything for you to enjoy your holidays. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and is buzzing with temples, shrines, monasteries and monuments that make it an alluring destination to visit. It is the main cultural, political and commercial hub of country. Pashupatinath is the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu found on the banks of Bagmati River is among major attractions of city. It is the guardian spirit and the holiest of all Shiva shrines in Nepal.

Patan is famous for its bronze and silverware has a long-standing artistic tradition of beautifully crafted goods. Here guests can discover ancient, historic and artistic landmarks including Patan Durbar Square, Krishna Mandir, The Royal Bath, Kumbheshwer Temple and many other ancient and historic landmarks that make it worth visiting. Dakshinkali Temple located just 22 kilometers outside the Kathmandu and about 1 kilometer outside the village of Pharping is one of the main temples of Nepal dedicated to goddess Kali is also among the worth visiting sites of country. Just don’t stop and book low cost flights from London to Kathmandu to get these mesmerizing visuals.

Nepal is also a land of jungle safaris, woodlands and wetlands. The Chitwan National Park is one of the best animal reserves in the country where guests can take leisurely elephant rides along the grassy wetlands or can enjoy escorted tours to get acquaint with rich flora and fauna of the region. The Koshi Tappu wildlife Reserve and Bardai National Park are also amazing sites that offer wonderful glimpses of exotic wildlife of country. For adventure seekers the country has various trekking routes composed of rugged terrains and gorges of high Himalayas. Mount Everest trekking route and Annapurna Range are quite popular among trekkers throughout the world.

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