Navigating Cloud Horizons: A Journey from Technical Architect to Cloud Computing Prodigy

Technically astute, seasoned IT professional with over 19 years of insightful experience, successfully managing and delivering IT services to clients across diverse sectors (Utilities, Solar, Retail, Travel and Logistics). Distinguished holder of multiple certifications like PMP, Agile, MCAD, MCP and Azure Fundamentals, having significant 5 years’ international (onsite) experience across the UK, US and Australia. Proven success in leading Transformation Programs, End to end-to-end service Delivery Portfolios and Operational improvement initiatives. I have played multiple roles like Technical architect, Solution architect, and Delivery Manager and currently play Principal Technical Program manager at Enphase Solar Pvt Ltd where I lead the team in multiple product development initiatives in the Solar Industry.

I have completed my B.Tech in Electronics and MBA in Leadership and Marketing.

Before I joined the PG program in cloud computingI was a Principal Technical Program manager leading multiple product development in the Solar industry on AWS and Azure Cloud platform.

Designing the solution for a 5-minute settlement program for the Australian Electricity Market (AEMO). It was one of the first Kind of Azure implementations. Below were the most critical challenges:

  • Data capabilities. Data is a core critical success factor for the SMS program. It poses many challenges in the life cycle of data management. Massive amounts of data flow require a deep functional understanding of what, where, and how. Further, data storage and analytics demand deep data engineering capabilities and skilled resources.
  • Scalability. The solution and platform should be flexible, configurable, loosely coupled, and highly scalable. It should be replicable and reusable for other energy market ecosystems in the future

We connected with Microsoft for the solution as Azure was our Go to Cloud platform solution. But in 2019, Azure was not so capable of handling such a huge volume of data and we along with Microsoft designed the solution. It was my first project in the Cloud and though I played an Architect role before that but had very limited knowledge of the Cloud. So the learning curve was steep and enjoyed the period of designing the solution.

I was looking for a program where I could learn AWS, Azure and GCP all 3 programs. Though afterwards, I came to know that GCP is self-learning but still, it was a good course as per the syllabus.

I had taken multiple courses online so I am quite fine with Online medium but there was a problem in finding the time while working in the Office where there is always work pressure.

  1. At Great Learning, We have pioneered mentored learning sessions. Tell us how important these sessions are for you?

The majority of those sessions were excellent and helped to deepen my knowledge. It was mostly practical implementation sessions and doubt-clearing sessions which were very good.

  1. How do you feel about the quality of mentored learning sessions?

The majority of the Mentored learning sessions were excellent.

  1. What is the role of your mentor in your success? How well do you think your

mentor supported you during the program?

The mentor helped in clearing the doubts, understanding the topics better and showing the practical examples.

Mostly they were excellent.

  1. What have you accomplished from your newly learned skill sets?

I knew Azure previously but this course helped me in AWS, GCP and hands-on practice on various topics.

  1. What advice would you give to people who are just starting with learning


I would advise them to go through this course to have a better understanding of the Cloud. Also, everyone should practice more hands-on in various topics.

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