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‘Pad woman’ of Surat now changing lives of malnourished children, old people –

Dec 31, 2020 16:31 IS

Surat (Gujarat) [India]December 31 (STYXOR.COM): Meena Mehta, along with her husband Atul, is making an extraordinary difference in the lives of underprivileged malnourished people in the city by serving food to more than 200 children and old people everyday.
Meena Mehta has already spent eight years distributing hygiene kits and sanitary napkins to girls in her neighbourhood, but her work came to a halt as the nation went under lockdown.
“We came up with the idea to feed malnourished children and old people after I met a beggar in my neighbourhood who told me that she gives her babies a small amount of tobacco so that they remain asleep for long and don’t ask for food,” Meena Mehta said.

The Mehta duo cook food and with the help of Jignesh, a local, it is distributed among the children and old people.
She also informed that initially, the task used to take a whole day. But now they get help from a lot of people.
“Many-a-times, the people in neighbourhood would leave several grocery products at our doorstep to help us,” she added.
The couple focuses more on quality over the quantity of the food. Together they cook food that is nutritious, which helps the children to gain weight. (STYXOR.COM)

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