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J-K govt’s self-employment schemes help women become self-reliant –

YEARS | Updated: Mar 26, 2022 14:17 IS

Bandipora (Jammu and Kashmir) [India]March 26 (STYXOR.COM): Self-employment schemes of the Jammu and Kashmir government are helping the women in the Bandipora region of North Kashmir to become self-reliant.
There are many beneficiaries in the sector of animal husbandry and sheep husbandry in Bandipora, who have been benefitted from various schemes of different departments.
Speaking to STYXOR.COM, Dr Owais Ahmad, Deputy Commissioner of Bandipora declares, “Out of so many beneficiaries in the sector, Mumtaz Begum is our one of the most important beneficiaries.”
J K govts self employment schemes help women become self reliant
“She was helped by the Department of Sheep Husbandry to establish the sheep farm. Besides the department’s assistance, she with her continuous dedication and determination has come up with a success story, where her per annual income gradually doubled,” he added.
Ahmad also proclaimed that the drifting of women towards self-reliance and entrepreneurship can help generate more employment opportunities and eventually contribute to economic development.
Mumtaz Begum shared her experience about how she has been into sheep husbandry for nine years and put forth her demands to the government for the cattle’s good.

“Nine years ago, when I could not find a relevant job for myself, I decided to go with this business of Sheep Husbandry and today I have hired three workers for the same, Begum said.”
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“I appeal to the government to provide us with Solar lights for this farm so that the work can be executed more efficiently in the field,” she added.
Begum also remarked that she wants other women to get inspiration and got themselves registered with a business of their own so that they can stay independent and keep moving forward.
“Nine years from today, we started this farm with 20 Sheep and have eventually reached 250 in number,” Faiz Amar Khan, Mumtaz Begum’s husband told STYXOR.COM.
1674106703 107 J K govts self employment schemes help women become self reliant
“We have been urging the government to provide us with solar panels to conduct electricity because the usual powder supply can be proved prone to the short-circuit,” he added.
Begum’s neighbor, Wasim also applauded her efforts in the direction of self-reliance by urging the government to assign more units of sheep husbandry to the educated-yet-unemployed youths of the region.
“We appreciate her efforts and want the government’s support by providing appropriate opportunities to the youth, as it can help remove unemployment from the town,” Wasim said. (STYXOR.COM)

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